tragic, comic & satyric scenes

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According to Vitruvius

"There are three kinds of scenes, one called the tragic, second, the comic, third, the satyric.

Their decorations are different and unlike each other in scheme. Tragic scenes are delineated with columns, pediments, statues, and other objects suited to kings; comic scenes exhibit private dwellings, with balconies and views representing rows of windows, after the manner of ordinary dwellings; satyric scenes are decorated with trees, caverns, mountains, and other rustic objects delineated in landscape style." - from De Architectura, on the theatre

Frontière, Frontiera, Grenze more or less wrapped up in 2016, and my wife was pregnant for most of that year. I went from being in the mountains to increasingly low impact shuffling. I was also preparing two courses in which tableaux were more relevant than my landscape studies. Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Stan Douglas began looming large. I worked with no specific project in mind. It was fun to see a quasi-filmic strain emerge, interesting to let different influences express themselves. When the spring 2017 semester was over, the three of us -wife, boy, and I- had nowhere in particular to be. We drifted a long way before hunkering into domestic comfort. Most of the pictures I made as an expectant/new father can be sorted into three basic categories: old towns, family, and beach/shoreline scenarios.

I recently reread Wolf Hall again. This Vitruvius quotation is anchored between its Cast of Characters and Part One. Even though certain connotations don't quite fit, my three folders seem to make sense now.

Tragic: I still see these works as a type of homage to de Chirico’s Metaphysical Town Squares.

Comic: Larry Sultan’s Pictures from Home meets Mary Cassatt.

Satyric: So many Sunday Afternoons on the Island of La Grande Jatte.


columns, pediments, statues, and other objects suited to kings

Duomo di Siena

Duomo, Siena IT, 2016

Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin DE, 2016

Plaça de Sant Just

Plaça de Sant Just, Barcelona ES, 2016


Helmhaus, Zurich CH, 2016


Altstadt, Chur CH, 2016


Grossmunster, Zürich CH, 2016

Via dei Tribunali

Via dei Tribunali, Napoli IT, 2016

Ulica Sienna

Ulica Sienna, Krakow PL, 2017


Katedra, Vilnius LU, 2017

La Boqueria

La Boqueria, Barcelona ES, 2016

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, Barcelona ES, 2016

Plac Mariacki

Plac Mariacki, Krakow PL, 2017


private dwellings, with balconies and views representing rows of windows

Pouring Water

Pouring Water, Vancouver, 2016

In Kitchen

In Kitchen, Fennenbach, 2017


Sleeping, Budapest, 2017

On Floor

On Floor, Amden, 2017


Newspapers, Amden, 2017

In Bed

In Bed, Marseille, 2017

On Couch

On Couch, Bern 2017

Lentil Eaters

Lentil Eaters, Engelberg, 2017

Crib in Hall

Crib in Hall, Bern, 2018

At Table

At Table, Bern, 2018


Box, Bern 2018

Balkon Snack

Balkon Snack, Bern, 2018

Laundry Room

Laundry Room, Bern, 2018


trees, caverns, mountains, and other rustic objects delineated in landscape style


Skipper, Reka Nadiža, 2017

Memel Nord Battery

Memel Nord Battery, Klaipėda LU, 2017


Queue, Bagni San Filippo IT, 2016

Intertidal Zone

Intertidal Zone, Hot Spring Cove CA, 2017


Diver, Triglav SL, 2017


Szecheni, Budapest HU, 2017


Newlyweds, Marseille FR, 2017


Handstand, Marseille FR, 2017


Couple, Lake Balaton HU, 2017

First Beach

First Beach, Vancouver CA, 2017

Karst Beach

Karst Beach, Sardinia, 2016

Vallons des Auffes 1

Vallons des Auffes 1, Marseille FR, 2017

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