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Photo Projects


- By Rail looks at Canada and the United States along their rail infrastructure. (2008)

- By Sea looks at Canada and the United States along their coastline perimeter. (2009 - 2011)

- By Rail and By Sea : Scott Conarroe (texts by Robert Bean and Simon Winchester); Black Dog Publishing, London UK 2014



- The Great Eastern considers China against the backdrop of a railway expansion that rivals America's Interstates in scope and intent. (2012 - ongoing)

- Zhongguo Ren 中国人 more or less means "Chinese people". It's a nod to Robert Frank's seminal cultural study "The Americans". (2012 - ongoing)



- Frontiere, Frontiera, Grenze looks at the movable borders Alps nations devised in response to glacial melting and watershed drift. (2013 - ongoing)



- Anonymous Earthworks looks at incidental land art. (ongoing)

- Netscapes tennis courts, ping pong tables, beach volleyball and a badminton pit. (ongoing)


Photo Studies

-At Leisure looks at spaces for killing free time.

Pastoral is a nascent series of landscapes with animals.

2011 - Marseille is a nice place to spend an April. I'm grateful to Alexa Brunet for being an excellent host.

2010 - Winterthur Switzerland unfolds comfortably from neighbourhood to orchard to farm to factory and back. I was artist-in-residence at Villa Strauli there .

2009 - Rust Belt looks at how the built-environment of North America's industrial golden age is inhabiting the present.

2008 - Beijing is charming and vile and exotic and also rather ordinary. The generosity of Michiel Van Kuyen allowed me to visit.

2007 - London ON is The Forest City. It's between Toronto and Detroit on the banks of a Thames River.

2005 - Red Lake is a gold mining town in northwestern Ontario. It is also The Norseman Capital of the World.

2003-5 - Halifax has one of five second largest harbours in the world.

2003 - Vancouver began as a study of an "empty" city but evolved into a simple place portrait.

2001 - Bridgeworks depicts different architectureal eras referenced in the concrete understructures of Vancouver's bridges.

Interiors aren't something I shoot often, but I like these images I made for Toronto Life.


Video Works

Dragon is about a monstrous struggle for levity. (2007).

Rock Balloon records frontman banter by the light of an infalted balloon. (2007).

Plaza looks at the pool in front of Kitchener ON's city hall, a site of drama and not. (2007)

Harbour Doubts is about Halifax's harbour, 1 of 5 second largest harbours in the world. (2005)

Stereoscapes is an excercise in metering the transition between day and nlight, and a platform for ukulele hotlicks. (2005)

Sad Fox depicts a fox pooping. It's a tender moment. (2006)

Flight Etc... looks at the choreography of traffic on Red Lake's Howey Bay. (2006).


I am very grateful for the support of these organizations.