"CALAMITA/À is a tool for investigating the contemporary Vajont and the topic of catastrophes in general."

I recently made some photos for this project.


On October 9th, 1963 at 10:39pm 260 million cubic meters of rock broke off from the top of Monte Toc. It fell into the reservoir of the Vajont Dam producing an enormous wave of at least 50 million cubic meters of water. The wall of water pushed an air pocket before it. It was more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. So strong, in fact, that almost all the victims were found naked, their clothes blown off by the blast. The dam, completed in 1959 and the biggest in the world at the time, did not suffer any serious damage. However, the flooding destroyed several villages in the valley and killed almost 2000 people. It was, according to the Unesco, one of the worst man-made environmental catastrophes of all time. The disaster wasn’t due to the evil nature of man but more to human negligence.