Frontière, Frontiera, and Grenze are French, Italian and German-language words for border. This study of Alps border glaciers is based on the movable boundaries Switzerland, Italy, Austria and France have devised in response to glacial melting and watershed drift. As alpine permafrost retreats higher, terrain disintegrates below. Landscapes no longer conform to borders established in the last century. Through a series of bilateral agreements these nations have rendered sections of their borders fluid. In the coming decades when the geography re-stabilizes, new frontiers will be drawn to honour their various treaties. This willingness to re-imagine conventions of autonomy is one scant silver lining of glacial extinction. These are lovely vistas but far from pristine. They contain both the aftermath of our Industrial Age and an avant-garde view of statecraft for an era increasingly defined by climate change.

Constructed from numerous MF captures, these scenes are impossibly vast for traditional photography. The prints are large and startlingly sharp right up close. They're for leaning into as well as stepping back from.

Frontière, Frontiera, Grenze was made with a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and support from It is part of PROJECT PRESSURE.
I am always grateful to The Canada Council for the Arts.

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