“Many of us are drawn to the sea. Because most of us will never “go to sea,” except, perhaps, passively, as tourists on an all-inclusive cruise, the principal vantage point for those of us who long for the sea is the shoreline, and it is this littoral zone that Conarroe has chosen to photograph for his By Sea series. Historically, the shore is both a boundary and a place for speculation and reflection; here, where the built environment looks out onto an infinite horizon, past and future imaginatively overlap. The poetic and liminal metaphor of the shore is thoroughly established as a zone of danger, ecstasy and tragedy, the border between life and death.”
- from More than Meets the Eye by Robert Bean (PREFIX, 2013)

By Sea looks at the coastline perimeter of Canada and the United States. Its companion project - By Rail- surveys lines of infrastructure that crisscross the continent. The book BY RAIL AND BY SEA was released by Black Dog Publishing in 2015.

This work was made with support from the Canadian Forces Civilian Artist Program.