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By Rail & By Sea on Consumption

This body of work did not set out to consider consumption directly. It began as a study of Canadian and US railways, and went on to examine their coastlines too. Over time By Rail and By Sea came to portray the westernmost front of Western civilization; a bloc of British Empire and Cold War superpower. It embodies the ideals of recent and middle history. It marks our progress from romantic expansionism to post-colonial/post-industrial malaise, and on to the acme we must now be talked down from. Encouraging emerging economies to enter the consumer class is even less tenable than carrying on with it ourselves; nonetheless, Market Forces continue to dictate otherwise. By Rail describes the infrastructure the west was won with and a parallel network of roadways that undermined it. By Sea depicts the frontier where tourists, telecommuters, and an industrial heritage compete for scenic real estate with melting icecaps. By Rail & By Sea surveys the landscape where consumption evolved from capitalistic motivator into pathology.




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